Data Protection Law

Data protection: UK wants to distance itself from GDPR

After Brexit now London wants to break out of the GDPR framework? London wants to…
Data Protection

PIPL – China Draft Personal Information Protection Law

What is PIPL - China’s Draft Personal Information Protection Law? China has passed new regulations…

Federal Privacy Law in the United States replacing state level privacy acts?

Will federal privacy law soon be replacing state level privacy acts? As countries everywhere start…
Cookies: 50.000 euro GDPR-fine against SOCIÉTÉ DU FIGARO by the French CNIL
Data Protection
Colorado Privacy Act (CPA)
Data Protection
South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and Cookie Consent
Chrome to support third party tracking cookies until the end of 2023
Cookie banner
NOYB cookie banner guidelines
Data Protection
Dutch Dataprotection Authority ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ calls for annual budget of 100 million euros
Data Protection
UK GDPR: UK businesses now have to comply with two laws
Virginia probably becomes the second US state to pass a comprehensive data protection law – CDPA
Privacy Law
Cookies: the French CNIL encourages private and public organizations to audit their websites and mobile applications
Cookies: 35 million euro penalty against AMAZON EUROPE CORE
CNIL / RGPD Sanctions of 2,250,000 euros and 800,000 euros for CARREFOUR
Privacy Law
Google Consent Mode supported by CookieFirst
Press release
Covid-19 (Corona)
CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act
Third Party Tracking
Copra – Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act


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