Consent Management Platform

Cookie banner for your website

  • Quickly compliant with the GDPR, ePR and CCPA
  • Completely customizable

Consent Management Platform

  • Manage your third-party scripts in your own portal
  • View graphs and stats of your visitor’s consents
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Aquire consent before you load third-party tracking scripts

Cookie consent

Custom cookie consent for your website. Be quickly and fully compliant with the ePrivacy Regulation, GDPR and CCPA.

Monitor consents

With our platform you can monitor and analyze your visitor’s consents for third-party scripts.

Consent management platform

Easily manage and integrate all your tracking scripts in your website with the CookieFirst platform.

Quick and easy implementation

Just replace all your third-party scripts with our single code snippet or install a plugin.

Granular opt-in

Your website visitors can give consent by changing their preferences with a granular op-tin on the settings panel.

Consents log / audit trail

All consents are logged and consent trails are kept in an encrypted and anonymised database.

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With our consent management platform you are GDPR, ePR and CCPA compliant in minutes…

Consent Management Platform CookieFirst - Cookie settings panel

Create an account

Just create an account with our consent management platform: follow our quick and easy sign up process.

Insert your third-party scripts

Our scanner scans your website for cookies and generates a cooky policy. You just move your third-party scripts to your CookieFirst portal.

Acquire consents

Once installed, your third-party scripts will be loaded ONLY when visitors give consent, compliant with the GDPR and ePR




Per Month
  • 1 Third party script
  • Only cookie banner
  • One time cookie scan
  • One language
  •  Fixed banner EU / non-Eu
  • Banner customization
  • Whitelabel banner
  • Consent statistics
  • Whitelabel panel
  • Email consent reports
  • Consent audit trails
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Per Month
  • All Third party scripts
  • Cookie banner or box
  • Monthly cookie scan
  • Multiple languages
  • Banner EU or non-Eu
  • Banner customization
  • White label banner
  • Consent statistics
  • White label panel
  • Email consent reports
  • Consent audit trails
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Per Month
  • All Third party scripts
  • Cookie banner or box
  • Monthly cookie scan
  • Multiple languages
  • Banner EU or non-Eu
  • Banner customization
  • White label banner
  • Consent statistics
  • White label panel
  • Email consent reports
  • Consent audit trails
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Per Month
  • We offer tailored enterprise solutions with extensive api integration support.
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What does the CookieFirst consent management platform do?

CookieFirst offers cookie consent management, third-party script management and cookie preference panels for websites, webshops and web applications. In a matter of minutes you can set up your account and your domain will be scanned for cookies. The CookieFirst consent management platform then generates a cookie policy for your site. You only have to move your third-party tracking scripts to your CookieFirst portal and put our code snippet back in your site. So you can be quickly compliant with the GDPR, ePR and CCPA.

What is the GDPR?

Since May 25th of 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation is in effect. During 2019 and 2020 another privacy regulation is being introduced in Europe, the ePrivacy Regulation. Both the ePrivacy Regulation and the GDPR are for the protection of personal data of EU-citizens.

These laws require all website- webshop and web application owners to give full transparency on what third-party scripts are used and which cookies are loaded when a user visits the site. Also proof of given consent must be available when a user asks for it.

Read more about the GDPR Regulation here.

Do I need a cookie banner and policy?

Almost all websites need a cookie banner and a cookie policy. If any of the following is the case for your website, it probably needs a compliant cookie banner and cookie policy:

  • Social media buttons
  • Youtube videos or other third party video embeds
  • Remarketing
  • Goal tracking in Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others
  • Advertising
  • A/B Testing for marketing purposes.
  • Contact forms
  • Analytics

Is a cookie banner and cookie policy just needed for EU websites?

The GDPR and ePR are so-called extraterritorial laws. Just like the Californian privacy law CCPA. It means that they are applicable to all websites which have visitors from regions of which the citizens are protected. So if you have a webshop in a non-EU country but you have visitors from the EU, you still have to comply to these regulations and need a compliant cookie banner / cookie panel / cookie policy.

Agencies / Resellers

Are you an agency, hosting company or another potential reseller? We also offer Reseller plans. You can offer our Consent Management Platform (CMP for cookies) to your customers and use your own pricing. The more sites you connect to your reseller plan the more you earn on a monthly basis. Curious?