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WordPress Plugin

Use the CookieFirst WordPress plugin to to quickly implement our cookie consent solution on your WP website.
Read more about the WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin or download the plugin here

Shopify App

Customize the Shopify cookie banner to seamlessly blend with your brand’s unique style and identity. Our user-friendly solution offers the flexibility to test various fonts, placements, color schemes, and additional design elements with ease.
Read more about the Shopify Cookie Consent App

Shopware 5 & 6

Use our consent management platform in your Shopware webshop by adding our Shopware module.
Download the Shopware 5 Cookie Consent plugin or the Shopware 6 Cookie Consent plugin


React Cookie Consent

Use CookieFirst on your React website / app and start collecting consent.
Read more about React Cookie Consent

Google Tag Manager & Google Consent Mode

If you are using Google Tag Manager for managing third party scripts and tags, you can use our GTM-Template and enable Google Consent Mode.
Read more about the GTM & Google Consent Mode integration


Use CookieFirst with your web technology

The CookieFirst consent solution can be used with virtually every web technology or content management system (CMS) that exists on the internet. You can implement cookie consent in Wix, Hubspot, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento / Adobe Commerce, Typo3 and many other web technologies.