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Nice to see you are interested in becoming a CookieFirst Reseller

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Cookie Consent Reseller Plans | As a CookieFirst reseller, we enable you to offer a top-of-the-line GDPR compliancy solution to your customers. Our cloud-based platform is highly scalable, easy to use and has everything that is needed fully comply with the GDPR , CCPA ePrivacy legislation concerning cookie consent and third party tracking. You will have full insight of consents, statistics, banner customisation and so much more, all from your CookieFirst portal.

Sell plans at your own price … or use our recommended pricing

You can create a reseller account and you are able to add your client’s sites to your account. CookieFirst invoices you for the sites you add, and you invoice your clients yourself. You can resell our plans for ANY price you like. However, we recommend using our pricing model for regular customers.

Our Cookie Consent reseller plans are simple and transparent, for example when using our recommended pricing:
  • As a reseller you will receive a 30% reduction off of all sites you resell.
Reseller’s sites Reduction % € Commission Basic Plan* € Commission Plus Plan*
Plans sold 30% €2,70 €5,70

*Commission earned in € per site per month when using our recommended pricing.

Calculate your earnings on the plans that you sell … (example based on our recommended pricing)

  • You can sell our services at your own prices or decide to keep ours. Your clients do not have to access our admin panel, you can just manage their cookies for them and earn a management fee on top of the service.
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Calculation example (monthly)

Suppose you are a reseller and currently reselling 60 sites for us. You use our regular prices to sell the subscriptions, so €9 for the Basic plan and €19 for the Plus plan. Below will be an example situation with costs and earnings.

Over sites 1 – 60 | 30% revenue

Among your next 60 sites added are 50 Basic plans and 10 Plus plans at that time.

You pay (50 x €9) + (10 x €19) = €640 minus 30% reduction: €448,- ex VAT
Monthly earnings: €192,-


Monthly earnings: €192,-

Affiliate referral Programm

We’ve noticed a large demand for affiliate plans based on a referral link. For who doesn’t know how this works, let us explain how. You will be able to create an affiliate account with us. When you complete your account details you will receive a referral link which you can share or put on your website. When people sign up for a paid plan while using your link, you will receive 15% of the generated sales revenue in your bank account. For a maximum of 2 years per client. The funds will be transferred to your bank account periodically.

Affilliates sites Commission % € Commission Basic Plan* € Commission Plus Plan*
Plans sold 15% €1,35 €2,85

*Commission earned in € per site and per month for as long as the paid plans are kept by the customer, for a maximum of 2 years.

Register your affiliate account here

Register an Affiliate account

Below will be an example situation with your potential earnings.

Over sites 1 – 60 | 15% revenue

Over the 60 plans bought through your referral link are 50 Basic plans and 10 Plus plans at that time.
You earn (50 x €1,35) + (10 x €2,85) = €96,-

Total Monthly earnings: €96,-