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Get consent before loading third-party tracking scripts

Cookie consent

Custom cookie consent for your site. Be fully compliant with the GDPR quick and easily

Monitor consent

We scan and let you monitor your visitor’s consent for third party scripts on your site.

Cookie consent manager

Easily integrate and manage all your cookies on your site with the CookieFirst platform.

Quick and easy set-up

Simply replace all your tracking and third party scripts with our single code snippet or install the plugin.

Granular opt-in

Enable your website visitors to give consent with a granular opt-in for the third-party cookies you use.

Logged consent

Your visitor’s consents are logged and placed in an anonymous and encrypted database.

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We scan your site for cookies and third party trackers. You simply put in your third party tracking scripts.

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Your third party tracking scripts are loaded AFTER your visitors give consent all compliant with the GDPR




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  • 1 Third party script
  • Only cookie banner
  • Banner customization
  • White label banner
  • In-app consent reports
  • Multi category scripts
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  • All Third party scripts
  • Cookie banner or box
  • Banner customization
  • White label banner
  • In app consent reports
  • Multi category scripts
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  • All Third party scripts
  • Cookie banner or box
  • Banner customization
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What does CookieFirst do?

We provide GDPR compliant cookie banners and consent managing solutions for websites. In a few minutes you can set up a compliant cookie banner and policy for your website and rebrand it in your favourite styles. Stop worrying about your website’s compliance to the GDPR we handle that for you. Simply select the third party services you use, upload our scripts to your website et voila.

What is the GDPR legislation?

The General Data Protection Regulation is in effect since the 25th of May 2018. Later this year (2019) the ePrivacy act will be in play as well. These two regulations are meant to guarantee and protect the personal data privacy of EU citizens.

Among other things this legislation means that website owners need to be fully aware of the cookies and third party tracking technology used on their website.

Read more about the GDPR Regulation here.

Does my website need a cookie notice and policy?

Most of the websites need a cookie banner and policy. In short if you use any of the following your website probably needs a compliant cookie banner and policy:

  • Social media buttons
  • Youtube videos or other third party video embeds
  • Remarketing
  • Goal tracking in Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others
  • Advertising
  • A/B Testing for marketing purposes.

Is a cookie notice and policy only needed for EU websites?

The GDPR applies not only to EU websites but to all organisations websites who serve users from the EU or monitor the behaviour of EU data subjects. So whatever the location of your business, if your website processes data from subjects residing in the European Union you’ll have to comply with the GDPR regulation.

Agencies / Resellers

Yes! We also offer Agency / Reseller plans. Offer our GDPR compliance services to your customers and set your own pricing. The more sites you connect to your reseller plan the higher the discount. Curious?