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CMP Cookies | Consent Management Platform CookieFirst

CMP Cookies – A consent management platform is a tool that website admins can use to protect and manage their visitors’ privacy from unauthorized collection of personal data and unwanted tracking. A Consent management platform like CookieFirst provides your users with the security that your website is compliant with the latest laws and regulations in terms of data protection. For example the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA. The CMP enables you to guarantee that your visitors can control their own privacy and personal data by obtaining cookie consent before activating tracking cookies.

The way that your website is allowed to handle personal data of your visitors is affected by both the European GDPR and the CCPA of the US state of California.

Try our consent management platform for free for two weeks and see which cookies and third party tracking scripts our scanner finds on your website.

CMP Cookies – What is a consent management platform?

CMPs or consent management platforms are used for managing user consent in terms of privacy, sharing and collection of personal user data. The CookieFirst CMP can deal with consent on websites, portals and mobile apps for example.

Most current privacy laws in the world regulate how collection of personal information should be handled by governments and organisations. There are two major examples of these privacy laws: The European GDPR and the US CCPA. There are a lot of consent management platforms around for making websites compliant with the privacy laws and regulations. They rely on a variety of technologies for consent management.

The CookieFirst consent management platform scans your website to map all cookies and tracking technology.
The cookies and third party tracking scripts are divided into categories based on their purposes and functionality. The system allows website visitors to choose for which categories of cookies they give consent.

CookieFirst’s consent management platform has multiple advantages:

  • it takes care of your user’s privacy and therefore the compliance of your website
  • the banner is customizable to obtain an opt-in rate as high as possible

CookieFirst is a CMP to be compliant with the European GDPR and the Californian CCPA.

If you would like to know more about cookies, read our article: What are cookies ?

CMP Cookies | The GDPR explained

Basically the GDPR is the data protection and privacy law for the entire European Union. Since may 2018 this law is in force and changed our digital landscape drastically. The GDPR is a so-called extraterritorial law, meaning that also companies outside of the EU have to be compliant if they have EU-visitors on their website. The bottom line is that the GDPR regulates how personal data of EU residents is being collected and processed by organisations, and their websites in particular.

CMP Cookies | The CookieFirst consent management platform is compliant with the GDPR

With the CookieFirst CMP for cookies you can be compliant with the GDPR.

With a consent management platform like CookieFirst your organisation can be compliant with the current data protection laws wherever your organisation is located. As an organisation or company, you can’t freely collect and process data of EU residents anymore. The main condition for processing an individual’s data is to have informed consent of the individual himself.

The way to obtain consent for processing personal data would be typically done through a consent management platform or CMP.

CMP Cookies | And what is the CCPA?

The CCPA or California Consumer Privacy Act is the new data protection law of the US state of California. Since january 2020 it regulates the collection and processing of personal data of California residents, and more specifically, if the data could be sold.

According to the CCPA California residents have the right to know what personal data is being collected, the right to stop their data collection and the right to have the collected data deleted. They should be able to opt out from their personal information being sold to third parties.

CMP Cookies | The CookieFirst consent management platform is compliant with the CCPA

With the CookieFirst CMP for cookies you can be compliant with the GDPR, wherever you are located.
The CCPA states that, in order to be compliant, users have to be informed of the categories of personal data that is being collected, preferable before the point of collection. Websites must also offer a Do Not Sell My Personal Data link or button and enable users to exercise their right to having their data deleted, and enable them to opt out for data collection.

With CookieFirst you can be compliant with the CCPA. In your cookie declaration and on the consent preferences panel you can easily add Do Not Sell My Personal Data link. This link can trigger the consent preferences panel or can point to a page where you explain how your company deals with any personal information.

Read more about the CCPA here or try CookieFirst for free now.

CMP Cookies | Take a 2 week free trial

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CMP Cookies | Why use a consent management platform?

Even though a website administrator might not be fully aware of it, almost all websites third-party cookies implemented. All third-party scripts, like embedded videos to social media buttons come with third-party tracking cookies that collect data from users. Before the data protection laws came into effect, this data could be sold to other companies without the user’s consent or even without their knowledge.

As a website owner or administrator, you are obligated to inform your visitors about the third-party technologies that you use on your website, but also you need a visitor’s consent to use these third-party scripts. It would take lots of work, time and technical skills to manage the whole set of cookies and tracking scripts on your web domain in order to stay compliant with both GDPR and CCPA.

Also, the regulations on data protection and privacy keep changing all the time, because it is a relatively new area which governments are trying to shape. The evolution of technology never stops, and the landscape of data protection regulations is ever changing.

This does not make it any easier to stay compliant with the privacy laws. That is where the CMP for Cookies | CookieFirst comes in.

What to expect from a consent management platform?

With CookieFirst as your consent management platform you are in control of all third-party tracking scripts and cookies. It enables you to obtain and manage consent in order to be legally compliant.

At CookieFirst we are constantly working to enhance our consent management platform with new functionality and keeping it up-to-date with the latest changes in regulations. So your user’s privacy can be protected at all times and in compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

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CMP for Cookies | Consent Management Platform features

With our CMP for cookies we create a privacy framework around your domains with the following features.

CMP Cookies | The consent banner and preferences panel

The CookieFirst consent management platform features a consent banner that shows up on your website when it is visited by a user for the first time. The functionality and buttons on the banner can be customized from our backend.

When a user wants to adjust his privacy settings, by clicking the adjust button, the preferences panel appears. On this preferences panel the user can opt in or opt out on specific types of cookies and tracking technology. Only the ‘necessary’ category can be preselected by default. However this depends on the exact implementation of cookie laws in your country.

CMP Cookies | CookieFirs is a consent management platform for managing cookie consent
A GDPR compliant cookie consent banner from CookieFirst.

According to the last decision of the European Union Court of Justice consent banners are not permitted to have preselected cookie categories. EU visitors have to actively opt in for a legally binding consent for the usage of a certain cookie categorie and the processing of personal data.

The CookieFirst CMP for cookies can make your websites compliant to the CJEU standards, ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR. Our cookie banner is customizable in terms of functionality and in terms of styling. So next to creating a cookie banner that is compliant to the global privacy laws you can also make it fit your corporate identity. For the paid plans we also offer downloadable banner that you can use with our API. With that example you can create your own cookie banner from scratch to entirely fit your needs.

Automated cookie management
The CookieFirst CMP cookies uses the latest technology in consent management to control all third party tracking and cookies on your site. Other than the ad blocking technologies used by your visitors, our CMP works from the inside out in stead of the other way around.

The CookieFirst consent manager offers a comprehensive cookie policy generator, customizable cookie banner or cookie notice and third-party script management.

CookieFirst helps website admins to make their domains privacy compliant in stead of making your visitors themselves responsible for protecting their own privacy. With a CMP like CookieFirst you can control the cookies that are used on your website. Sounds a lot better than to put up your visitors with lots of opt ins and opt outs for many cookies that are set by third-parties.

Do you want to know more about the core functionality of CookieFirst? View our features.

CMP Cookies | Are there any consequences in using a CMP?

A consent management platform provides you with extended security and privacy next to compliance to the cookie laws.

The digital landscape has evolved a lot since the millennium. Profiling and advertising based on behaviour is being used by many companies. It was only a matter of when scandals like the Cambridge Analytica would happen. Privacy then became a higher prio on governments agenda’s.

People are becoming more aware of the consequences of their surfing behaviour similar to topics like eating healthier food or recycling renewable materials. Tracking and profiling on the web is always present, so providing users with a safe environment through a consent management platform will be a plus for your organisation.

CMP Cookies | Is this whole privacy movement a trend?

The current new privacy laws that are being written and come into effect are proof that privacy is not just a trend. Regulations like GDPR, CCPA and LGPD pop up all over the world and tell us more or less the same. Data abuse is a threat to society.

Using a consent management platform like CookieFirst you can comply with the global privacy rules, and offer your visitors a safe environment where they are protected from personal data collection by ad tech companies.

Our system can be configured by default so that your users can only be tracked when they explicitly choose to do so. They can be protected from data abuse and data breaches by default.

CMP Cookies | Ok, so by using a consent management platform I have covered privacy, but what about analytics?

The CookieFirst CMP is designed to keep your website working as it should. Necessary scripts will always be executed. And we offer banner customization that can achieve high opt in rates for all categories, even for advertising. We are continuously enhancing and extending our systems to offer the best CMP for your organisation and your users.

In the EU, according to the CJEU and the GDPR, the definition of valid consent is clear: if you process any data, you have to get explicit consent of your visitors.

So, you can imagine it can have consequences for your web analytics because that depends on processing data. But not using a consent management platform could have more severe consequences for your organisation, like large fines or a total ban from processing any data. Our CMP for Cookies helps you to achieve opt in rates as high as possible while still complying to the privacy laws. We do everything in our power so that your digital performance is not undermined by restrictions of privacy laws.

The CookieFirst consent management platform can be implemented easily and provides privacy protection for your users right away. Register your account and test us out for free for two weeks.


Get consent before loading third party tracking scripts

CookieFirst aims to make ePrivacy and GDPR compliance easy and quick to implement. The CookieFirst platform offers third-party script and consent management, statistics, periodic cookie scans, automated cookie declaration, banner customization, multiple language options, and more. Avoid large fines and get consent before loading third-party tracking scripts — try CookieFirst!