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“Transparency is important to establish a trusted brand”

With GDPR being enforced in 2018, many email inboxes exploded with updated privacy policy notices from every company with an online presence that individuals have ever had business with.

Four years have passed since then, but many companies still struggle with obtaining valid consent for the use of cookies and other data collection purposes. And the users, in turn, get more educated and increasingly aware of their privacy rights, and demand easy-to-use and easy-to-understand cookie consent and policy interfaces.

To talk more about consent management and interface implementation and compliance, Cybernews sat down with Kees van den Bos, the CEO of CookieFirst – a company that offers a consent management platform.


Get consent before loading third party tracking scripts

CookieFirst aims to make ePrivacy and GDPR compliance easy and quick to implement. The CookieFirst platform offers third-party script and consent management, statistics, periodic cookie scans, automated cookie declaration, banner customization, multiple language options, and more. Avoid large fines and get consent before loading third-party tracking scripts — try CookieFirst!